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Easy Guitar Chord Instruction
Create a song before learning how to play the guitar chords! The SuperChords Guitar method includes audio, video, tab (tablature) notation, and photos of the hand position of each chord. You'll create songs and learn guitar chords quickly.
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SuperChords™ is Super Cool
Click a chord and hear it... learn the chord and play it!
This interactive guitar chord guide will help you create original songs and learn the guitar chords too. SuperChords method is better than a guitar book because you can hear it. It's better than an instructional video because you can create your own songs.


SuperChords uses a "click-and-hear" method of guitar instruction that includes guitar tablature notation, pictures, and audio. It also features a guitar chord eBook, a video tutorial, and a free metronome.

Create It. Learn It. Play It.
The SuperChords guitar instruction method is creative, simple, and fun. It's designed to get you up-and-running quickly. From beginner to pro, SuperChords allows you to create a song before you've learned how to play the chords!

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SuperChords "Super Creative Chord Guide, Vol. 1" is available on CD-ROM or Instant Download.

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Guitar Instruction CD-ROM & Download
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What You Get:
• CD-ROM or instant download
• Tablature, audio & photos
• Guitar chord software
• Quick-start video tutorial
• FREE metronome software

"SuperChords is a cool method of guitar chord instruction!"

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